Saturday, 7 December 2013


Bonjourno from Milan

In true italian style i thought i'd do a little Italian recipe thats gluten and lactose free

Ok so firstly just a little praise for Heinz Gluten Free Pasta!!! Its amazing and tastes just like the real deal! Well done Heinz not even Nick can taste the difference!!!

Ok so as a mum i find pasta is my go to dish! Like its easy, quick and my children love it so its a win win! They both love Pesto but Rocco can no longer have it so here are our favorite quick pasta dishes!

1. Bacon and Chorizo.
So i chop an onion up in small pieces and lightly fry in some oil with some bacon cut up and some gluten free chorizo cut up - fry for a bit until all cooked - add a dolmio or tin of chopped tomato sauce and then once the pasta is cooked mix it in!  This is so simple!! Chorizo lasts a really long time in the fridge too so its always ready to go!

2. Plain spaghetti
I love spaghetti - i've been trying it with different things and my favorite is: cook the pasta then toss with a little olive oil, after searching for good gluten free breadcrumbs i came across this idea from glutenfreegoddess
I toast 2 or 3 gluten-free plain waffles and break them apart; then I process them in my Cuisinart food processor, pulsing on and off until they resemble classic breadcrumbs (not too fine).
I add in several dashes of dried Italian herb mix, or a simple combo of dried basil, parsley and marjoram.
I drizzle in some high quality extra virgin olive oil as I pulse - just until they are moist and begin to stick together a bit.
So i use these for breadcrumbs, i also add garlic powder and some lactose free parmesan like parmigiano reggiano. This is lovely with extra crispy bacon too.

3. Prawn and sweet chili pasta
Again this is a spaghetti dish or a penne dish - cook your pasta, then cook your prawns with garlic and onions and some cherry toms and bobs your uncle!! 

I think pasta is the best food ever! Its so simple and easy and you can throw anything in it !!! 

Enjoy your Saturdays we are off to Lake Como for a romantic lunch 

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