Monday, 24 June 2013

Mummy's on stage!

Picture the scene .... we are on holiday, its Wednesday evening, we've had a few glasses of vino with dinner and the Hotel Entertainment ask for Miss Blue Lagoon contestants!

Of course up jumps Leeanne volunteering and so i think surely it won't be that bad so up on stage we get!!! hahaha

The boys running the show are bringing us drinks - and when i say glasses of Vodka with a diet coke twist i'm not exaggerating!! so needless to say (seeing as we are stay at home mums) we got very drunk very quickly!!! Well the tasks were embarrassing - provocative dancing, singing with ice cubes in our mouths, kissing audience members and grabbing clothing from the audience!

After winning our husbands took our children to bed and this is where it all gets a bit hazy ......... we jumped in pools, went down water slides, rolled around the grass, threw up, ran on stage soaking wet etc etc ....

The next morning at breakfast people were staring and pointing and we were like oh no what did we do????

However ..................

We had so much fun!!!! Fun as Jade and Leeanne and not just mums!!! We let our hair down and had such a brilliant night we are still laughing about it now!!

It makes a change to be reckless and crazy!! It really was the best having fun with friends and just being ourselves!!!

Moral of the story - Laughter is the best medicine!!!! We are all entitled to have fun !!!

J & L xxx

p.s Vodka is the enemy
p.p.s we don't even remember taking this photo!!!
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  1. LOL! sounds like you had a good time! and yes Vodka is the enemy haha



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