Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Nail Varnish that actually lasts !!

Product Under Review : Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay 7 days in Nude Rose.

Gone are the days when a manicure isn't a huge treat! Those days when i used to work in London and be able to pop out for a new nail colour in my lunch break just because! Today's manicures are a rush job with a few smudges as your toddler is demanding something or other!

Nail varnish lasts a max of 24 hours on me unless i have Bio Sculpture but at £40 a go i decided i would rather be buying my children clothes haha - so when i saw this Maybelline Gel Nail Color it sounded too good to be true!!!

5 days in and not a chip!!! I repeat NOT A CHIP with all the bottle washing up, the laundry, playing cars, feeding rabbits - not a single chip! Granted they are not super shiny but today i have simply painted another coat on top and the shine is back!!!

It has a thick brush which i liked and was easy to apply! It does take a while to dry but it is so worth the 15 minutes of walking round the house like your in MJ's Thriller video!

Its amazing how one simple (pre baby taken for granted) task can make you feel so much better!!!

All Hail Maybelline

J x

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