Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Travelling with Toddlers

Horaay Horaay we're on holiholiday... Me, Jade and our other bestie Lauren are all off on our holidays with our brood and hubbys!

Besides mine and Jades two 3 yr old girls and 1 yr old boys Lauren also has a 3 yr old little boy so in total thats 5 children to keep happy in 3 seats (no seats on the plane for the baby boys boo hoo) on a 4 hour flight! Stressing? who's stressing? Oh yes that would be me!!

Jade had a fab idea to put together a 'plane pack' with lots of activities for the toddlers to do. The key point to this is that they will ALL be the SAME! So no 'but i want that one' or 'they have more then me'  you know how this story goes.

Theres lots of activities in the plane pack. We have the whole alphabet printed for learning, eyespy, colouring games. You can print this yourself free from www.activityvillage.co.uk. We have multicoloured card, plain and lined papers for colouring, writing, drawing, playing games etc. Printed pictures of all the children so they can draw funny faces on them. Dinosaur dot to dot for number and sequence learning as well as colouring free from www.dizmagoc.com. Theres more dot to dots and colouring and writing activities from www.pinkladyapples.co.uk. Colouring pens crayons and highlighters from Rymans and Paperchase (best shop ever). Little knitting dolly's from www.oldfashionedtoyshop.co.uk Usborne Travel Doodles, Usbornw Summer Sticker Book, Giant playing cards and Orchard toys Snap game all from www.amazon.co.uk.

We are also going to sort some snack bags for them for the journey there and back home and everything will be in their own little rucksack bags from the clever baggers. Fingers crossed along with the ipad's (all hail apple) this should keep them plenty occupied! As for what we will do to keep the mischievous monkey's Rocco and Tate in their seats... mmmmm answers on a postcard please??

Wish us luck!

L xx

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