Friday, 28 June 2013

Swimsuit Revival

Its holiday fever time here at 'a little mummy magic' with our summer hols being literally days away! (Holiday Blues time by the time this post is published)

I remember the conversations when we booked this holiday well, and they probably will sound familiar to you too. 'We have 19 weeks to loose weight' 'we can so do this' 'yeah we will be fabulous and skinny in time for hols' '1lb a week is 19lbs and we only want to loose a stone!'.

Well the weeks have ticked on by and who's lost that last stone?? Not me!! Ive lost a few lbs and put them back on and gone on like this for 18 weeks, and its no ones fault but my own. I just love food too much. At the end of a long day of toddler tantrums and teething babies food is something to look forward too!!

So i could right now be crying into my tub of Ben and Jerrys (any flavour i'm not a fussy fat girl in a crisis) but you know what i'm not!

We mummy's with the tummy's can still look super fabulous on holiday without having to don the dreaded 2 piece bikini! Swimsuits are no longer the drab shapeless speedo's i remember there's styles to suit everyone and i promise they will make you feel far more confident if your anxious about your bikini body.

Here's a fabulous holiday look that can not fail to make you feel like a super yummy mummy!

L xx

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