Friday, 21 June 2013

The fall of the legging's

Soooo picture this - its 6.45am both children are awake demanding full attention and the mammoth tasks of getting dressed x2, breakfast x2, brushing teeth x2 and leaving the house x2 is less than 2 hours away! So realistically this gives me all of 5 mins to get my self ready. Cue quick ponytail, glasses on (as eyes are too dry for my contacts yet), quick bit of tinted moisteriser and then the staple: Leggings Tshirt no fail quick comfy outfit!

I had recently decided that my wardrobe was not my friend, i had fallen out of love with all of my clothes and just wanted to buy new clothes!

My friend has her own Style advice and Life Management company and she was round for a cup of tea whilst our husbands played golf and we were talking about being a mum and not having much time for me and how i have no clothes and she said she would put a date in her diary and come and help me!

The day came and i had 2 full rails of clothes over 40 dresses over 60 pairs of shoes 15 pairs of jeans and my 11 pairs of leggings ready to be judged haha! Well after 3 hours of trying on and saying oooooh yes why haven't i worn that before or car boot and my wardrobe restyle was complete!

It was literally the best 3 hours ive ever spent on my wardrobe or id go as far to say shopping! Its amazing how just having an outsider look in your wardrobe and make you try on clothes you'd never think to put on for the school run completely revamps a once hated wardrobe!

So the golden rules i learnt were:

1. No leggings! (even if they are Jack Wills) yes they are fine for those home days but not to go out!
2. Jeans are my new best friend! I bought these Leigh Jeans from Topshop and they are fab!

3. Dont be frightened to wear a dress for the school run
4. It doesnt take anymore time to put a pair of jeans on as it does leggings!
5. You don't have to buy new to make your wardrobe work for you!

I know this sounds such a simple concept but honestly i feel more confident, happier with my size 12 shape, loving my wardrobe and finding it quick in the morning to look and feel great!

Dilly at Thank you !!! You have made me feel like me again!

p.s I also made £455 on my old clothes at the car boot sale! Off to Gucci i go

J x

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