Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy wonderful fabulous new year!!

We are back.. Yippeeeeee!

So we must apologise for the leave of absence our lives got crazy busy all of a sudden and we just had to hold our hands up and say 'we are not superwoman we can't do everything'. Its hard to admit that sometimes as we woman like to think we can do it all and don't like to admit defeat but sometimes you have to have to have a time out! We felt like our blog posts were rushed and not our best so instead of keep posting rubbish we just took time out to get our lives back in order, get into our new routines and enjoy christmas with our families!

But we are back now and we have really missed our little blog! Finding a work\life balance and looking after 2 kids full time is super hard but we have restored our magic supplies and are bringing our sparkle back.

So with that being said we can't wait to get back to our daily posts, fresh as daisies and newly inspired.

We hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year and we will see you tomorrow yay!



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